History of Library

Tribečská library in Topoľčany is regional library and it is centrum methodical and coordination activity for another public libraries in district Topoľčany. And at the same time have function of town library in Topoľčany.

The town Topoľčany had public library in 1920. In this region existed some alliance libraries. In the march 1920 established locality library in Topoľčany on proposal Dr. Pavla Jantaucha, priest from Ludanice, later bishop of diecesy in Trnava. In district Topoľčany established 78 locality libraries in the year 1925. The year 1948 leaved a lot of demages in the popoular and in the castle libraries. Books were burn, pull out or with another ways demaged. In the year 1959 acceptet law of library no. 53/1959, which was start united system of library. District libraries Topoľčany become personal office for profesional libraries in district  at 1964. In the year 1978 library moved to new place. It was make independent departmant political literatury, bibliography department, music department and branch office on the Hviezdoslavova street. The year 1989 chiff bookish work to new ethics plain. United system of library broke up, department political literatury and centralised purchase was abolish.
As independent legal subject ended existence in year 1994, where was integrate to Tribečské kulturology centrum and was rename on the Tribečská library.

In the year 1999 was return legal subjectivity, founder became Coutry council in Nitra. In the 1.4.2002 go through library to founder efficiency Nitrianskeho self-govering district.